March 27th Message from Sidney VP

I just wanted to put out a note for ALL employees and employers.

As we face this uncertain time in our lives and workplace, I feel the need to respond to the many inquiries that are coming my way.

Firstly, the union is 100% working in conjunction with our employers, to deal with this fluid situation that is ever changing by the hour.

We are certainly in this together, I need to emphasize at times like these our daily coping mechanisms are being put to the test. We are fortunate enough to be able to still come to work (social-distancing etc.) and provide an essential service for our community and also each other.

Normal daily tasks may change for the time being, but let’s not look at this as anything more than the opportunity to stay working.

There is no “rule book” or past practice for what we are experiencing right now.

If you find yourself in a new “workspace” alongside someone you normally don’t work with, take the time to say “Hi” and “how are you doing?” It truly is the little things that will help us when we might most need it.

I have always said, regardless of “union” or “management” we are ALL employees of the Town of Sidney!

Management and the Union are working crazy hours behind the scenes, in order to provide the best outcome, we can for ALL of the employees.

As direction filters down; Federal, Provincial, and Local governments are doing everything within their powers to keep us working.

Please think of all of the “front line” workers that 1 month ago were never a thought in your daily routine!

We are ALL connected!

To our Leaders in the Town of Sidney and the EOC, a sincere THANK-YOU!

To each of our municipal workers, a sincere Thank-you! Stay safe and HEALTHY! J


Ron Green

Sidney Vice President, CUPE Local 374