Member Focus: Steve Migliarese

Member Focus is an ongoing series helping members learn more about each other across roles and work sites.
Steve Migliarese serves on the 374 Executive as our Unit VP for Esquimalt. He’s worked there since 2014, and before that he worked at the District of Saanich, another CUPE workplace.
How long were you/have you been a member of CUPE? In what roles?

Been a CUPE member since 2007. Been an active union rep since 2016 or so.
Was asked to step up as a Shop Steward by then VP. Suddenly before I could say “no thanks” I found myself elected Vice-President of Esquimalt.
Remained VP since, whether that’s due to doing a good job or no one else wanting to do the job, it doesn’t matter to me.
I enjoy constantly learning, achieving victories as they come our way and meeting new people with which to exchange ideas and strategies.
Getting to see new places I would never otherwise go to has been a massive bonus.

Steve (whose Italian Aunties call him “Salvatore”) has been a CUPE member for over 15 years, and is also a talented musician.
“There’s so many things needing to get done. The variety is endless. Get involved.”
Tell us about your life outside of work.

Been with my Gabrielle for 20 years now, for which we celebrated earlier this year by going on a 20 night cruise from Miami through the Panama Canal up the West Coast and back home to Victoria.
G is my rock and my engine who keeps me going day to day.
Our family welcomed a surprise little boy to the world two years ago who was named Cruze. He is my nephew and our family treasure. The funniest, sharpest, wildest of the Migliareses.
My life outside work and family has been music. The longest running band by far is Acorn Hell with my old school brutha and PW co-worker Craig Stewart on drums while I play guitar and make vocal noises.
The most notorious project was Meatlocker Seven; video on Muchmusic, Canadian Tour, multiple Western Canadian tours and with many great bands both famous and not so famous… all great nonetheless.
Rotterdam was my full on frontman vocalist experiment band which expelled one album.
Currently I play bass and vocalize in Run Like Hell which has nothing to do with Pink Floyd.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Managing to go to work almost every day while living with a painful permanent partial physical disability and not using it as a way to get special treatment.

What advice do you have for those who are new to the workforce?

Nevermind what everyone else is doing or getting away with…just do your work thoroughly and safely and if you want some new experiences to fall back on later, consider getting involved with union work.
There’s so many things needing to get done. The variety is endless.
Get involved.
If you don’t get involved, give support and respect to your co-workers that do. It can be rewarding as much as thankless depending on who and where it is happening.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Read your Collective Agreement and get to know it.
If your issue is not covered under the CA, Labor Law or Human Rights, then it is merely a complaint and you may be SOL.
Remember… we can’t force employers to do what you want though we wish we had such magic powers!
Lastly… solidarity is our greatest strength. If we stand together for what is just and fair, it’s an offer no one can refuse.

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