Dues Increase Results

September 24, 2021

Dear Members,

Thank you to all the members that took the time to come to our Special Meeting, Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The motion to increase the dues was voted on. The results were 57% in favour and 43% not in favour.

According to our National Constitution it requires a majority vote (50%+1) of members in attendance to make any changes to member’s dues. However, upon reviewing Local 374 Bylaws we are in contradiction of the Constitution requiring a 2/3’s vote of members in attendance to make any amendments to our Bylaws. The Executive has not put forward an amendment to that article when reviewing Bylaws.

The Local will need to amend that article in future reviews of the Bylaws. Given that we have not put it forward to the membership, the Executive is upholding the current article and requiring a 2/3’s vote (of members in attendance) to pass the motion to increase the union dues.

Therefore, the motion put forward to the membership on Wednesday, is defeated. Union Dues will not increase at this time. We will discuss going forward.